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NVR 40t Steam Crane

19th August 2015

A bit late reporting this month.  Actual work on the boiler has been held up while we wait for the insurance boiler inspector to be available for a hydraulic test.  

Got that done today - now it’s “full steam ahead” to get boiler into crane, attach all fittings and execute a steam test.

In the meantime, Perry’s been active getting the inside of the cab properly ready for painting and he’s needle-gunned a few of the bits and pieces that came off the cab as the boiler was removed.  Stan has cut out gaskets ready for the brasswork and he’s ground out a nick in the seating surface of the drain valve.  Richard helped here by machining a new 45 degree valve face.

Old rusty bits inside cab needle-gunned down to bare metal, and phossed.

At the back is the freshly-blasted (thanks Mike & John from 92) coal-space separator with a super coat of phosphoric acid.  The funny cut-out allows access to one of the tube doors.

In front is the condenser, repainted and ready to go back in.

Reassembling the drain after machining the valve and regrinding it’s seat.

An update on the grate situation.  

After some useful advice from a casually passing boiler expert, we’ve decided to fabricate a new grate from 60mm x 20mm steel bar.

Obviously nowhere near the durability of a cast grate, we expect that, given the low usage the crane sees, the fabricated grate will serve us well.