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NVR 40t Steam Crane

Dimensions - Crane plus Jib Runner

Tare weight    - 108 tons    (about 110 tonne)

 Overall length - 86’ (about 26m)

Jib Length   - 42’ (~13m)

Maximum Height (rail to bottom of Ram’s Horn) - 38’ (~11.5m)

Jib Runner

4-wheel wagon with screw coupling fore and aft.

Jib rest and storage boxes for lifting equipment

15’6” wheelbase.


 Leading Bogie

4-wheel truck with screw coupling at front and weight-relieving cantilever girder at rear.

6’ wheelbase.



Rigid 8-wheel main truck with cantilever connections fore and aft.

Boiler, Lifting mechanisms and controls. Water tank.

18’ wheelbase.


 Tail Bogie

4-wheel truck with weight-relieving cantilever girder at front and screw coupling at rear.

6’ wheelbase.



2 separate ropes, both 4¼” circumference steel wire.

Hoist rope is 252ft (76m).  Four parts.

Derricking rope is 285ft (86m). 2 sets each of 5 parts.