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NVR 40t Steam Crane



Originally, a Spencer-Hopwood No 14 Squat vertical water-tube boiler was fitted.

In 1973/4, this was replaced by the current, larger, boiler, also from Spencer-Hopwood and believed to be a No 16 Squat.  It is 4’9” diameter and 8’3” high.

The safety valve is set at 120psi.

Under maintenance, the boiler is taken out of the crane, fittings removed and the mudhole doors removed to give access to the internals.


There are 2 cylinders fixed to the outside of the crane bodywork.  They are each 9” dia x 14” stroke and drive flywheels on the cross-shaft from which all crane motion is derived.

Stephenson link motion is used with variable cut-off. The steam chests are inside the bodywork.